050124_001-1pon “Married Woman’s Forbidden Adulterous SEX”

  • Code: 050124_001-1pon
  • Title: 050124_001-1pon “Married Woman’s Forbidden Adulterous SEX”
  • Stars: 青山茉悠
  • Runtime: 62 min

Matsuyu Aoyama, with her charming plump body that looks so comfortable to hold, plays the role of a married woman who falls into a sad and obscene forbidden relationship. This is her first appearance on 1pondo! Her husband comes home with a subordinate after work. Aoyama, who plays the role of a wife who seems a little lacking in energy, entertains them. While talking in the living room, the husband falls asleep from exhaustion. Aoyama leaves him there and invites the subordinate to another room to confide in her troubles. As they talk about private matters and even their sex life, Aoyama, driven by the stress of her daily life, aggressively pursues a physical relationship. The two of them, overwhelmed by the sweet and sad sensuality of Aoyama’s plump body, lose their reason and fall into a forbidden relationship. They enjoy the thrill of not being caught by the husband and engage in passionate adultery. Don’t miss out on the eroticism of Matsuyu Aoyama, making her first appearance on 1pondo, as a married woman with sweet and sad sexual desires.

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