393OTIM-412 “A Secret Trip of Obedient Adultery Without My Husband… A Day Trip with Aoi”

  • Code: 393OTIM-412
  • Title: 393OTIM-412 “A Secret Trip of Obedient Adultery Without My Husband… A Day Trip with Aoi”
  • Stars: —-
  • Runtime: 79 min

1:15:00~ エンディングイメージ “Ai” has had perverted fantasies and has been unable to stop masturbating since she was young. She thought that getting married would satisfy her sexual desires. However, her husband has a small penis and suffers from erectile dysfunction. They rarely have sex. She started a secret account on a social networking site as a little bit of fun. There, she met a single man with a big penis. She immediately fell for him, unlike her husband. They both saved up their sexual desires for a month and had a date in a luxury hotel room. On her ovulation day, they had forbidden unprotected sex. The more she thought, “I might get pregnant,” the wetter her vagina became. They had multiple unprotected sex sessions. This is a forbidden affair and impregnation story with a married woman, shown from a first-person perspective. [Recording time] The time is shown in hours and minutes. Please note that there may be some discrepancies in the time. 00:00 – Opening image 03:21 – Smelling armpit sweat 04:12 – Kissing 05:16 – Breast fondling 08:01 – Using a rotor and electric massager 09:35 – Ripping stockings, anal gun, cunnilingus 12:17 – Fingering 13:19 – Nipple play 14:27 – Vibrator and electric massager 16:

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