393OTIM-411 かしの恋 “Secretly from My Husband… An Obedient Affair Day Trip: A Love with a Supern…

  • Code: 393OTIM-411
  • Title: 393OTIM-411 かしの恋 “Secretly from My Husband… An Obedient Affair Day Trip: A Love with a Supern…
  • Stars: —-
  • Runtime: 78 min

“Aya”, a 30-year-old housewife living in Tokyo. Her husband suffers from erectile dysfunction and is unable to satisfy her sexual needs. Feeling frustrated and unsatisfied, she begins an affair with her part-time job manager. At first, it was just a casual fling, but her desire for sex and the thrill of being with someone other than her husband takes over. They meet at a love hotel even on her ovulation days. They passionately kiss at the entrance and have unprotected sex, with Aya unable to control her desire for his large penis. They move to the bed and have wild sex twice, with Aya experiencing multiple orgasms. This is her wild experience of infidelity. [Recording time] The time is shown in hours and minutes. Please note that there may be some discrepancies in the time. 00:00~ Opening image 02:03~ Caressing her whole body 04:31~ Kissing 05:18~ Fondling her breasts 08:06~ Using a vibrator on her 10:09~ Playing with her nipples 11:05~ Touching her buttocks, anal play, fingering 14:09~ Watching her urinate 15:22~ Giving oral sex 18:38~ Having sex in standing position (with creampie) 24:16~ Smelling and licking her armpits, smelling her feet 26:19~ Ripping her stockings, anal play 29:37~

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