DFDM-046 “Meat-Falling Ass Bitch! (DFDM-046)”

  • Code: DFDM-046
  • Title: DFDM-046 “Meat-Falling Ass Bitch! (DFDM-046)”
  • Stars: 木下ひまり(花沢ひまり), 美丘さとみ
  • Runtime: 117 min

“An omnibus video featuring voluptuous and lewd older sisters with powerful butt angles, squeezing out semen from their huge buttocks! They tempt with their soft and elastic explosive butts, begging to be played with and devoured. They shake their hips and climax multiple times, pressing their obscene vaginas onto faces and demanding rough cunnilingus. Even as they are rewarded with a blowjob, their anuses are teased with a cock, making them impatient for penetration. Finally, when they are penetrated, they immediately ejaculate from the intense pounding of their big buttocks. But they are not satisfied and continue to demand more dirty fluids on their buttocks, resulting in multiple bukkake scenes on their obscene and huge buttocks. These carnivorous butt-loving older sisters are the best!!”

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