HUNTC-120 “Gaming Harmony: Live Action Version 2”

  • Code: HUNTC-120
  • Title: HUNTC-120 “Gaming Harmony: Live Action Version 2”
  • Stars: さつき芽衣, 百永さりな, 吉根ゆりあ
  • Runtime: 170 min

The second installment of the live-action adaptation of the popular comic series, with a total of 300,000 copies sold, by popular doujin artist “Sasamori Tomoe”. As a high school student who is a shut-in and only has gaming skills, I was looking for team members to test my skills in a tournament. Through SNS, I met three potential members who were all beautiful, busty, and older women… As we grew closer, I ended up having physical relationships with Mayumu-san and Ayaka-san one after another. While the four of us spent time together, my relationships with the two of them continued to escalate, and Nanao-san, who is married, had no idea… or so I thought.

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