MIFD-487 “Newcomer: Ren Satomi’s Fair-Skinned G-Cup Busty and Selfish BODY – AV Debut of a Skier…

  • Code: MIFD-487
  • Title: MIFD-487 “Newcomer: Ren Satomi’s Fair-Skinned G-Cup Busty and Selfish BODY – AV Debut of a Skier…
  • Stars: 里宮れん
  • Runtime: 180 min

Girls from snowy regions are said to be erotic. It seems that the extreme cold triggers their survival instincts and their brains send signals to their bodies saying “I want to come!” Hello, I am Ski. This time, I received a letter from a girl from Shinshu who is a passionate AV aspirant, and even though I am not good with the cold, I went all the way to the local area because I really wanted to meet her. When I first met her, she gave me the impression of a quiet snow girl, but when I talked to her, she said she enjoys skiing, so I, who am not good at sports, joined her and became a snowman. My body was freezing, but my testicles were warm. When I arrived at the hotel, I immediately interviewed her and her snow-white skin greeted me from her thick snow wear. She loves skiing and sex, so I quickly checked her sensitivity. Her measurements are B90/W59/H88, and she has a nice golden ratio body that makes me drool. As I slowly touched her while suppressing my excitement, she also became more and more in an erotic mood… The conversation became like an erotic novel, so I will end it here. Please take a look at Yukinko Skier’s shy panty stains, snow-white breasts and pink nipples, her first big dick blowjob, her first anal experience, and her debut AV experience with the hot and steamy snow melting erotic body of Ren

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