[Sub] IPZZ-293 “Swimsuit Mania: Semen Marking with Kana Momonogi”

  • Code: IPZZ-293
  • Title: [Sub] IPZZ-293 “Swimsuit Mania: Semen Marking with Kana Momonogi”
  • Stars: 桃乃木かな
  • Runtime: 130 min

“How delicious are those big breasts in a school swimsuit?” The transfer student caught the eye of a perverted teacher who loves school swimsuits. She is forced and filmed at the poolside. Every day, she is blackmailed and violated in her swimsuit. The teacher’s penis becomes even harder as he watches her resistance. The perverted stalker becomes more excited the more she resists. “Your body looks amazing in a school swimsuit. I can ejaculate multiple times just looking at you.” The ultimate combination of big breasts and school swimsuits. It’s a must-see.

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