ATKD-374 “Shiromine Miu 4-Hour Attackers: The Best”

  • Code: ATKD-374
  • Title: ATKD-374 “Shiromine Miu 4-Hour Attackers: The Best”
  • Stars: 白峰ミウ
  • Runtime: 240 min

This beauty is one of a kind. The long-awaited Attacker’s first BEST featuring the stunning eight-headed beauty “Miu Shiramine”! Includes four works: “Locked in a Secret Kiss with Saliva Mixing in the President’s Office”, “I Allowed Myself to be Penetrated by My Father-in-Law for Just 10 Seconds… Our Compatibility Was Too Perfect and I Climaxed”, “Ravished by the Most Hated Man in This World Who Killed My Father with Aphrodisiacs, A Lone Female Investigator Falls into the Role of a Sex Toy”, and “The Plan to Turn a Female Teacher into a Toy”.

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